"M" is for Monck’s Corner

Aug 10, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"M" is for Monck’s Corner (Berkeley County, 2010 population 7,755). The village of Monck’s Corner in St. John’s Berkeley Parish derived its name from Thomas Monck’s eighteenth century plantation. A small commercial community grew up near the plantation, located at a fork where the Charleston Road intersected with the Cherokee Path. During the siege of Charleston in 1780, it became a point of strategic importance and the scene of a major British victory. After the Revolution, the completion of the State Road and the Santee Canal caused the village to decline. In 1856 the Northwestern Railroad constructed a new station about a mile from the old settlement. The station was called Monck’s Corner. The railroad gradually revived the community. The town was incorporated in 1885. Ten years later Monck’s Corner became the seat of Berkeley County.