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Hurricane Preparedness Week starts today

Hurricane Preparedness Week starts today

Prepping for hurricane season starts with knowing your risks. Hurricanes are much more than just a coastal problem, so knowing what types of water and wind hazards could happen where you live is critical to your safety.

The goal is to create that peace of mind by being fully prepared and always ready to take action when necessary. Check out this great resource from NOAA to learn much more about wind, storm surge, flooding, tornadoes, and other hazards: https://www.noaa.gov/know-your-risk-water-wind

It's important to realize that most evacuation orders are due to the water, not the wind. Nearly half of all tropical cyclone-related fatalities are caused by that dangerous rise in coastal waters called storm surge.

Your knowledge of hurricane planning and evacuation zones are extremely important in protecting your life and property from nature’s biggest storms. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) wants you to Know Your Zone.  Residents and visitors can learn about hurricane evacuation zones and their vulnerability to storm surge on South Carolina’s coast with their Know Your Zone interactive map by going here: https://www.scemd.org/prepare/know-your-zone/

Anyone living in a flood-prone area is especially vulnerable to hurricane impacts. Find out today the flood risk for your area and plan accordingly. If you don’t live in a flood zone, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe - extreme rain from hurricanes can bring floods even to areas that aren’t prone to flooding.

Here are resources for that and other helpful sites to keep you ready and out of harm’s way this season: