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Women Vision SC: Elaine T. Freeman

Elaine Freeman

Founder, ETV Endowment; Executive Producer, South Carolinians in WW II

Elaine Freeman founded the ETV Endowment from her dining room table. For over 40 years, the member organization has funded and supported programming on SCETV and South Carolina Public Radio. Freeman retired In 2008, after 31 years as executive director, but still remains active in support of programs such as South Carolinians in World War II and the Man and Moment series. Freeman is also a major force in the Spartanburg community. She headed the fundraising campaign for the Charles Lea Center board. Her vision helped establish the Ellen Hines Smith Girls’ Home, later merged as part of the Hope Center for Children. She believes there is a plan for your life. “With a little help from your family and friends, and the stewards you know, you can try to make your life count for something. I’m an octogenarian now and I’ve had a whole lot of fun with a lot of friends.”

Her advice to young people: “Watch the people around you who are successful. Try to learn from them. Try to become part of their team. Find a goal you want to accomplish. That makes your life fulfilled and happy. And don’t lose as much sleep as I have done at raising money!”