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Democratic National Committee

  • Trav Robertson won't seek another term leading South Carolina's Democrats. Robertson told The Associated Press on Wednesday he's backing longtime operative Christale Spain in her bid to become the first Black woman elected state party chair. Robertson has led the state's Democrats since 2017, when he took over from Jaime Harrison, who's now the Democratic National Committee chair. The party's national prominence has risen, with the DNC voting to make South Carolina first to vote on its 2024 presidential primary calendar.
  • Bitter divisions dominated a recent national Republican Party gathering. This weekend, Democrats holding their own meeting are eager to showcase just how much they agree on. There will be no party chair fight since Jaime Harrison isn't up for reelection. There is no candidate jostling for a White House bid since President Joe Biden is expected to seek a second term. And there is no national reckoning after a surprisingly strong midterm showing.