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Superintendent of Education

  • In the race for South Carolina education superintendent, questions about the Republican nominee's qualifications have arisen. That comes after lawmakers in 2018 passed a requirement that the position-holder have a master's degree. Ellen Weaver, the CEO of conservative think tank Palmetto Promise Institute and GOP nominee, currently lacks a master's degree. After winning the GOP primary Tuesday, Weaver told reporters she'll complete her master's degree in educational leadership in October. Kevin Hall, who has served as a legal counsel to the South Carolina Republican Party, emphasized that the candidate must possess a master's degree on inauguration day — not on election day.
  • Conservative think tank CEO Ellen Weaver has won the Republican nomination for South Carolina education superintendent. Weaver was the second-place finisher in the primary earlier this month, but vaulted past Palmetto State Teachers Association Executive Director Kathy Maness on Tuesday. Weaver will face Democratic teacher and SC for Ed founder Lisa Ellis in November. Weaver could still face a rough road to the job. A new South Carolina law requires education superintendents to have at least a master's degree. Weaver doesn't have one, but started a program in April. Election officials said there is no precedent for what happens if she wins in November without an advanced degree. A lawsuit is likely.
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