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“C” is for Cashwell, Gaston Barnabus (1862-1916)

“C” is for Cashwell, Gaston Barnabus (1862-1916). Clergyman. Popularly known as the “apostle of Pentecost in the South,” Cashwell was instrumental in bringing the Pentecostal message to South Carolina in the early twentieth century. A native of North Carolina, he was ordained in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South but in 1903 joined the Pentecostal Holiness Church. He went to Los Angeles where he learned of revivals there and where persons experienced gifts of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues. After receiving the gift of tongues, Cashwell returned to the South and planted Pentecostalism in South Carolina, through revivals in Anderson, Iva, West Union, Lake City and Clinton. Although Gaston Barnabus Cashwell returned to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, he is credited with stirring holiness churches in South Carolina to move into various Pentecostal denominations.

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