Great Quotations 1

Mar 22, 2019

Credit SC Public Radio/Mary Noble Ours

Quotations, this week, from great musicians and writers. This is from the composer Ernest Bloch:

“Real music goes beyond the intentions of its author for it nourishes itself from a much deeper and more mysterious source than mere intellect.  It represents a synthesis of all the vital forces, of all the hidden instincts of an individual...

The experiences of my life… my vision of the world, my personal reactions, my struggles, my aspirations, my overall philosophy, a little of all of that and a little more than all of that, undoubtedly, transformed into music and organized in a tangible form by the laws of musical language.  But it’s certainly not a question of a ‘pure music’ in the sense of a play of sonorities, rhythms, and colors.  That’s never suited me, and in truth it doesn’t interest me.  I have a horror of gratuitous virtuosity, which leads nowhere and diverts us from the ultimate goal.”  The words of composer Ernest Bloch.

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