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Meira Warshauer dives under the surface in Ocean Calling

Meira Warshauer
Bradley Fuller
Meira Warshauer

Wonder, environmentalism, and a deep appreciation of the expressive and technical possibilities of the piano shape the South Carolina composer's three-part series, receiving its full premiere tonight in Columbia.

In this Sonatas & Soundscapes interview that aired Thursday, October 27th, composer Meira Warshauer shares insights into her three-part series Ocean Calling with host Bradley Fuller. Warshauer explains how she channeled her fascination with the ocean and love for the natural world into each of the pieces comprising the work, and describes how she used extended techniques to evoke sounds ranging from the crash of waves to the calls of marine life forms.

While each of the three pieces in Ocean Calling have been premiered independently, the Southern Exposure New Music Series concert on October 27th featuring pianists Phillip Bush and Elizabeth Loparitz will be the first time the series is performed in its entirety.

Musical excerpts complementing the conversation were performed by pianists Marina Lomazov, Joseph Rackers, Elizabeth Loparitz, and Barbara McKenzie.

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Originally from Greenwood, SC, Bradley Fuller has maintained a deep interest in classical music since the age of six. With piano lessons throughout grade school and involvement in marching and concert bands on the saxophone, Bradley further developed musical abilities as well as an appreciation for the importance of arts education.