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Teachable Moments: Cursive


For South Carolina Public Radio, I'm Dr. Rénard Harris from the College of Charleston. This is Teachable Moments, a minute of education for students and parents.

What was the last time you wrote a letter or took notes in cursive? Some people haven't written in cursive since middle school and question its relevance in the classroom today.

Twenty-one states require cursive writing in the K-12 curriculum. Advocates say it improves retention and comprehension and enhances fine motor skills. Opponents say cursive writing is a lost cause in an increasingly digital world where typing and texting dominate. Surveyed teachers say it's not an either or conversation and that students benefit from learning cursive writing, and keyboarding.

For the College of Charleston, I'm Dr. Rénard Harris.

Rénard Harris is an Associate Professor of Management in the School of Business at the College of Charleston (2022-present). He teaches courses in Leadership and courses in Managing Diversity. His leadership course focuses on the dynamics of effective leadership, positive influence, and clear vision. His Managing Diversity course focuses on exploring culture, experiences, and identity as asset and resource of those less heard and less seen.