A 1903 photograph of family and relatives of Noah Benenhaley (1860-1939) and his wife, Rosa Benenhaley (1857-1937), both descendants of Joseph Benenhaley.
Courtesy of the Greg Thompson Collection

South Carolina’s Turkish People

(Originally broadcast 11/30/18) - Despite its reputation as a melting pot of ethnicities and races, the United States has a well-documented history of immigrants who have struggled through isolation, segregation, discrimination, oppression, and assimilation. South Carolina is home to one such group—known historically and derisively as “the Turks”—which can trace its oral history back to Joseph Benenhaley, an Ottoman refugee from Old World conflict. According to its traditional narrative,...

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German Left Courts the Working Class

Apr 23, 2008

A new political party in Germany has made saving the working class and the country's welfare system rallying points for attracting votes. It has been drawing support from the mainstream parties with a radical message.

The party, Die Linke, or the Left Party, is a merger of the reformed Communist Party from East Germany and discontented former Social Democrats. One of its co-leaders, Oskar Lafontaine, says that Germany shouldn't turn its back on working people just as they are increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

With the Macarena long past, a new European dance craze is set to invade U.S. shores.

The Tecktonik began just outside Paris — and is spreading to nightclubs and onto the streets across Europe.

At the Metropolis, one of the biggest nightclubs in the Paris region, the music goes by a lot of different names. Electro. Jump style. Hard style. Hard core. But the only dance is the Tecktonik.

The customers at the club are mostly in their teens and early 20s, middle class, and from every ethnic background. They look as if they were raised by Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

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Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

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Remodeling booms as housing stock ages

16 hours ago

According to the latest from the U.S. Census Bureau, sales of new homes fell almost 7 percent in January from the month before. The monthly numbers bounce around a lot, but new home sales have been sluggish for the past several months. One reason: Not as many new homes are getting built.

After an expensive deal to buy TimeWarner, AT&T is making some changes to its DirecTV streaming bundles. It's raising prices but also adding its much-coveted property, HBO, to the mix for free. The DirecTV strategy is offering a glimpse into how post-merger AT&T is strategizing to cut a bit of costs — it's dropping content providers it had to pay from DirecTV Now — in order to keep its debt under control. 

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Brexit stands to hurt the rest of the EU, too

16 hours ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May endured another tumultuous week as she tried and failed to get lawmakers to approve the Brexit deal she'd agreed with the 27 other European Union member nations. Lawmakers rejected that deal, and they also voted against leaving the EU without a deal, denying May any further leverage in negotiations. Today, they voted to delay Britain's departure, initially set for March 29. Although the world's attention is focused on Britain's problems, Brexit does not bode well for the UK's partners in Europe, either.

Forget a no-deal Brexit, it's a no-Brexit Brexit

17 hours ago

The United Kingdom Parliament just voted to delay Brexit after previously voting down Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave the European Union. Today we look at how the 27 other European countries will fare whenever this thing finally goes through. Plus, a business of security robots and the housing market along the border.

After the grounding of its 737 planes, can Boeing's messaging convince flyers?

17 hours ago

Boeing faces a tough public relations challenge in the coming months, following two crashes and the grounding of its 737 planes. The question is, how will the company control the messaging to the air-faring public? Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal spoke to Felicia Miller, professor of marketing at Marquette University, about the company's PR strategy.

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